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Dogs and cats can get many different types of skin diseases and can also be sensitive (allergic) to certain foods or environmental irritants that cause them skin problems or ear infections. Also, certain breeds of dogs can be pre-disposed to skin conditions. Dermatology issues in pets can make both pets and pet parents miserable. Scratching can make your pet’s problem worse by leading to secondary skin infection.

Symptoms that your dog or cat has a skin or allergy issue include:

Most of these symptoms are caused by an underlying medical issue. At Blue Ridge Animal Clinic, our veterinarians are trained to diagnose and treat most medical problems that may be affecting your pet’s skin and ear health, including:

During your pet’s exam, we will review your pet’s medical history, lab reports and perform a complete exam of your pet. We may recommend further diagnostic testing, such as a skin biopsy, skin allergy testing or other testing such as bloodwork to identify the cause of your pet’s dermatology problem. We will discuss treatment options with you once we have diagnosed the underlying cause of your pet’s skin or ear condition.

Please call us as soon as you notice your pet is having a skin or ear problem.


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