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Begin Your Dog’s Senior Care Program Before Their Age-Related Conditions Begin.

As your dog ages, you might find that it’s difficult to recognize age-related health changes since the signs of aging develop slowly and are easy for dog owners to miss. To keep your dog as healthy as possible we encourage you to bring your dog in more frequently for senior dog wellness exams.

Your senior dog’s wellness exam

Senior dog exams include a comprehensive physical exam plus in-depth analysis of your dog’s overall health through diagnostic testing which may include senior dog blood work, urine or fecal analysis.

If you notice any of these age related health changes in your dog, please call us:

Exercise and your senior dog

While you do not want to overdo it, we encourage exercise for senior dogs. Your senior dog should still be getting regular walks each day, but take care to pace the time and pace according to your senior dog’s ability. You can provide mental stimulation for your senior dog by giving him or her new toys or putting a portion of their meals in a toy that will dispense treats. Talk to us about more ways to stimulate your dog’s mental and physical ability that would suit your senior dog.

Nutrition and your senior dog

Senior dogs have specialized nutritional needs. If your senior dog is also facing health issues, he or she may need a special diet to support a chronic medical condition. We will assess your senior dog’s nutritional needs during their senior wellness exam and discuss with you the best nutritional support for your senior dog.

Please call us to schedule an appointment for your senior canine!


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