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Dog Wellness Care

Every Dog Can Have a Longer, Healthier Life Through Proactive Wellness Care

The veterinarians at Blue Ridge Animal Clinic are strong proponents of annual or bi-annual wellness care for all dogs. Regular exams and wellness care allows us to keep your dog healthy through vaccines to prevent serious diseases, dental care for good oral health and diagnostic care when needed. Early detection of disease through exams and blood analysis allows our veterinarians to treat your dog sooner so that your dog feels better and lives a longer life.

At Blue Ridge Animal Clinic, canine wellness care includes:

As your dog ages, so does his or her health care needs. Blue Ridge Animal Clinic will recommend an individualized canine wellness program for your dog based on your dog’s breed, age, lifestyle and overall health. At Blue Ridge Animal Clinic, our goal is your pet’s best health at any age, which we can achieve through wellness care. Please call us today to make an appointment for your dog.


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