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Blue Ridge Animal Clinic
Roxie Girl2019-09-06
Thank you for the wonderful treatment and care of our Roxie Girl! Although she is moving a little slowly this morning, she is in great spirits!
Blue Ridge Animal Clinic
DaVinci was found in a busy parking lot on Halloween night. He followed my husband home. No owner ever stepped forward. Blue Ridge helped our little guy overcome parasites, performed his neuter, and is working with us on managing his asthma. Here is our little house lion celebrating his 1st birthday.
Blue Ridge Animal Clinic
Darlin delivered her first litter of 9 little healthy French Bulldog puppies here by cesarean.
Blue Ridge Animal Clinic
Anna loves the staff here, and when she surprised us with a precious little baby boy puppy that we had no idea she was having, right at closing time she was taken in and her baby was born. Everyone was excellent and helped, and we are soo thankful.
Blue Ridge Animal Clinic
Oliver (Olli)2019-06-04
Olli was adopted 1 June 2019, Elmore co. Humane shelter
Blue Ridge Animal Clinic
Buddy Lee Garrity2019-04-12
Buddy Lee is our 2 1/2 year old fur baby aka yellow lab rescue. A friend who is a nurse on an Elmore County special needs school bus, arrived at the school bus yard one morning and found Buddy, who someone had put inside the fenced yard. One of the ladies that worked in the office there fell in love with him, and took him home. Well, she had another dog that didn’t like Buddy, so she told her co-workers she it broke her heart, but she couldn’t keep him. My friend knew we were looking, so...the rest is history. He’s precious! We live on the lake and he loves the water! At 6 months, we took him (and us) on a week-long training with a dog whisperer. He said the first order of business was to give him a middle name. We looked at the whisperer like “WHAT?” He reminded us that when we were kids and our parents wanted to get our attention, they called by our full names, so Buddy became Buddy Lee! Try it! It works!
Blue Ridge Animal Clinic
Lil’Ricky Law2019-04-05
Lil’Ricky recently made his transition to the place I hope I am worthy of going.Thank you to the staff and of course Dr.Busby who has been with him many years,Elizabeth for a shoulder to cry on,and the care and understanding of having to make the gut wrenching decision to let your baby go. They are all unbearably “bring you to your knees decisions” ,but sometimes you have that “soul dog” that it will take a lifetime and more to “get over” - that is Lil’ Ricky.Thank you to BRAC for helping me through it.
Blue Ridge Animal Clinic
Lil’ Ricky2019-03-17
Lil’ Ricky crossed Rainbow Bridge with the friends he had made throughout the fifteen years he had been coming to BRAC.Im sure he would want me to thank the staff and give special thanks to Dr.Busby and Elizabeth for always being there,and I’m quite sure he would want to thank Dr. Brooks who cared for him from puppyhood to adulthood.Always such a traumatic time to go through - but knowing he was in good hands that cared helped in this time of grief.
Blue Ridge Animal Clinic
Our new little boy, Charley. Soon to be two.
Handsome, loving, and so very smart. We are looking forward to many years of happiness with him. Knowing that we have the folks at Blue Ridge Animal Clinic looking after him gives us great peace of mind. Thank you Elizabeth for keeping me calm when Charley has gotten into mischief.
Blue Ridge Animal Clinic
Our Blondie has been seeing Dr. Busby and staff the past 3 years and we Love here office!!
#1 With our family!!
Blue Ridge Animal Clinic
Miss Kitty2018-12-14
Miss Kitty is as ready as she’ll ever be for her annual. Good thing she has the other Miss Kitty for support.
Blue Ridge Animal Clinic
Lucky is just that Lucky to be taken care of by a great staff of folks at BlueRidge Animal Clinic.
Lucky has our heart and soul♡♡♡♡
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