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Blue Ridge Animal Clinic
Martin McGhee2017-03-01
This is our 3 legged, heartworm positive, feral dog we adopted in 2015. His story is epic. He has his own facebook page with more likes than me (LOL). He's even having a book written about him! Go check him out on FB @ Martin McGhee. He's currently going through treatment for his heartworms and we are very optimistic about his prognosis. Thanks again BRAC!
Blue Ridge Animal Clinic
Elle was attacked by a dog we were fostering. She had extensive muscle damage and deep puncture wounds. She was in hospital care for a week! Dr. Busby took excellent care of my furrbaby! I protested (not really) her hospital stay. I made a protest sign and everything. I think Elizabeth still has that sign. They were so patient as I spent much of my day in their back room. I made myself as small as I could and they did not seem bothered as I just stood there, petting my kitty. I love these people!!!
Blue Ridge Animal Clinic
Mama Girl2017-03-01
She was the start of our rescue adventures (that I'm writing a book about). She was a feral kitty that we obtained custody of. It took us months to capture and vet her and her kitties. She lived to be about 15yrs (that's really old for an outside, feral cat) thanks to the care of BRAC. She was once the victim of our ring worm kerfuffle of '08 (I'm sure Dr. Busby never wants to hear the word "ringworm" ever again. It is always an emotional time putting our furrbabies to eternal rest. I thank God for Dr. Busby and Elizabeth! Their gentle kindness is exactly what I needed during this time.
Blue Ridge Animal Clinic
He's the grandson of our first feral rescue kitty. He still lives today (13 yrs old). Dr. Brooks had to remove his eye several years ago due to a cyst. He ran away for 3 days after (after a failed attempt to put a feral cat in a cat harness to walk). BRAC was there every step of the way. He's one of a kind!
Blue Ridge Animal Clinic
Roxie & Sasha2017-03-01
Oh these 2 pups keep life interesting. Sasha is our fearless dog, often chasing coyotes. Roxie is our tennis ball nut. They both love going to BRAC. They like playing with the office cats
Blue Ridge Animal Clinic
Lil' Ricky2016-12-23
Lil' Ricky has been coming to Blue Ridge since he was 6weeks old. He is now 12 years old and has ALWAYS received excellent care and an ample amount of affection from Dr. Brooks and staff and now Dr. Busby. I LOVE Blue Ridge and all of the wonderful staff and doctors. A special note of thanks to Elizabeth who is always a calm, knowledgeable source of comfort in stressful times. Thank you all for being there for all of the fur babies!
Blue Ridge Animal Clinic
Libbie is doing so much better now! Thanks so much to Dr. Busby and all the wonderful staff at Blue Ridge! Libbie sends tons of kisses!
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